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The world of small business is the pulsing heartbeat of our community. And for me, there’s nothing luckier than getting to roll up my sleeves and help small businesses flourish. This thrill, this double espresso kind of buzz of making a real difference, propels me to aim sky-high and deeply care for you and your clients.

It’s nice to meet you. I’m Tarah Beyer.

From my early days, you could see where I was going, a six-year-old me, having the time of my life, masterfully crafting my little masterpieces at the mercy of a kids’ paint program. Fast-forward to ta-da! I got a degree from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis on Graphic Design and Photography.

Much like a match struck, my business was bound to ignite.

Dapper Dog Marketing & Design Co.™ sparked when its sibling venture, Good Dog Apparel Co., was born during the uncertain beginning of 2021. From there, a thrilling chance bubbled up to be a part of something larger, something more, all while honoring my initial mission to serve. I could barely contain my excitement as I prepared to help small businesses blossom with Dapper Dog Marketing & Design Co.™.

To do my best for you, I disconnect and recharge!

Is there a bonus?

No matter your issue, I’m here for you.

From Our Clients

We are so appreciative of our clients!

Good Dog Marketing is top notch! Tarah created a beautiful website for me and helped with my logo as well. I highly recommend her!!

Mary Mason Avatar Mary Mason

Dapper Dog has guided my business marketing with my website and Google site. Tarah has built a beautiful website that is user friendly and makes Google happy. If you need designs and marketing then Dapper Dog is the obvious choice.

Deanna Heine Avatar Deanna Heine

I’m ready to speak your people’s Language.

Let’s Rock This!

Marketing that makes Google happy!

Marketing for businesses in the Twin Cities area.

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