Benefits of Cohesive Branding

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Branding, Graphic Design

Branding is the base for a business’ success. A brand is unique to a business and while being a deciding factor for consumers when making decisions, your brand gives your business an identity and voice.

Creating an Identity

Beyond your products and/or services, branding gives your business an identity. A brand identity demonstrates what your values are, product communication, and overall it establishes the type of interactions consumers have with your business. In a way, a business develops its own personality, which consumers appreciate. It gives a sense of a personable connection instead of just being another number.

Most markets are saturated with competitors, so it makes it even more difficult for businesses to set themselves apart. Having an established brand allows you to gain an edge within the competitive market. Even though you may offer the same service, your business’ personality and reputation is what gives comfort to consumers, and conveys they can trust you.

Deciding Factor for Consumers

When making a decision, branding is most often the deciding factor when it comes time to decide which company to use or buy from. Consumers are most likely to buy from a brand that is recognizable and that they may have already had a positive encounter with. According to a study done by Sprout Social, “more than 76% of consumers say that they would more likely buy from a brand that they feel connected to over a competitor.” With a percentage that high, it is clear that an established, recognizable, and relatable brand gives companies better influence and trustworthiness.

Promote Brand Consistency

A consistent brand makes it easier to talk about your business and ensures that you are creating an experience that customers enjoy. An inconsistent brand creates confusion and can lead to guesswork of what your business really does. Consistency = Credibility

Building credibility increases trust within your business and shows customers that you are reliable. This in turn influences purchasing decisions with consumers. Think of using ten various fonts on your website, a variety of images that don’t match, etc. With this sort of theme, it seems that a business would not be very concrete within their own decision making and can lead to a self-doubting reputation. Build confidence, not insecurity within your business community.

Encourage Referrals

Speaking of consistent branding, when you are able to establish customer loyalty, it is more likely that they will refer you in casual conversation. Also called word-of-mouth marketing, consumers will promote you to their social circles, which can be huge benefit for any business. People trust those that are close to them, so why not develop a brand that promotes free marketing?

Employee Satisfaction

We have talked about the benefits with consumers, but there are also benefits of cohesive branding with employees. Employers have said that having a relatable brand has had a significant impact on potential candidates during the hiring process. Having inconsistent branding could impact your employees in a negative way, leading to higher turnover, embarrassment, or lowered morale. It is important to position yourself in a way that helps employees feel authentic and that they are part of something bigger or unique.

Whether you have a brand or are starting fresh, your business’ branding is the first thing that the public will encounter. So take the time to develop a strong brand and see the benefits for yourself.

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